INTERVIEW: Founder of Boomtown Festival speaks


Jess Needham

So Lak, I attended Boomtown 2012 and I can honestly say it was by far the best festival I have been too, how did you think it went?
Every year we manage to up our game and manage to execute even more crazier ideas, so yeah it was definitely an upgrade and we are planning on going bigger each year.

How will you top last year? Any new plans on the horizon?
We've got loads of plans, never fear on that at all! We're building this huge 15 metre high mayan aztec temple which is basically going to have the Lion's Den which is a big reggae stage so that's going outdoors, so yeah we're really excited about that. We've also got this whole district thing, it's something we've been bringing in each year- it's basically splitting the festival into 6 different districts. Each district is heavily themed, so you've got the old town pirate sort of district, you've got a Mayfair up-market district, China town, Mexico, seedy downtown and it basically means anyone that comes to the festival can get involved in one of the districts and camp next to the district.

So you can camp next to your chosen district?
Yeah so if you're into electro swing for instance, you can camp next to Mayfair district, then Mayfair has got it's own specific fancy dress theme, so you'll all be dressed in kind of 1950s style with top hats and stuff like that. We were just getting bored of every year, and it seems every festival comes up with the same fancy dress theme , like "lets all go as sea creatures!"- we were completely bored of that so we've got 6 different themes and you can kind of choose which different district you follow and then you follow the characters and basically its a way of anyone who enters the festival becomes a character so everyone's part of the festival.

When will the full line up be announced?
We will be releasing it this Thursday. We haven't released any acts yet, the line up on our facebook page is for the pre-party, Equinox at Motion, Bristol.

My personal highlight from last year was Far too Loud smashing it on the Arcadia Stage, could you maybe tell us anyone who will be playing this year?
Unfortunately I can't really tell you, you will have to wait until Thursday! But I can say there are loads of acts playing on it this year, and it will be equally if not better than last year. We are really proud of last years Arcadia stage as it was a definite highlight. It's been a bit of a struggle this year because there seems to be hundreds of festivals popping up all over America and Europe and it means that all of the artists are hard to book, years ago you could kind of take your pick but now it's a bit more difficult to get exactly who you want, but we're very confident we've been able to crack it this year. Make sure you log on on Thursday!

How many people can apply to become part of the Boomtown Crew. And what sort of jobs are available to work at this amazing festival?
The crew is around 5,000, there's always job spaces and people can apply through the web-site. We get thousands of applications but on that note we haven't paired up applications for jobs yet so the best thing would be to send details to us via the contact section on our web-site.

So I assume ticket sales are going really well, with Tier 1, 2 and 3 sold out already?
Yes they are already up about 3 times from last year which means we will sell out in record time .

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