BoomTown Fair: A Tale of Many Cities...


Jess Needham

THE lunacy of BoomTown Fair is back for 2013!

With a new approach to the city planning, more outlandish activities and jubilant adventures in the pipeline, the BoomTown ball is well and truly rolling!

With numerous distractions to keep even the most eager of Boomers occupied throughout the cold winter months, including The Equinox Ball and the start of the inaugural BoomTown Election campaigns; the official countdown to the festival has begun, so boot up and strap in, we’re in for one almighty ride...

BoomTown 2013 will see an unprecedented festival event, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the inaugural BoomTown Elections, scheduled to coincide with the annual Fair from August 8-11.

Ever since BoomTown received city status last year, the new city has flourished and prospered with a steady influx of new settlers from all over the globe, resulting in the birth of new districts including; El Barrio Loco and ChinaTown.

The old areas haven’t escaped the tides of change either, with a hoard of Pirates conquering Oldtown and the restoration of the ancient temple (The Lion’s Den) along with the discovery of its lost people, the City is bursting at its seams and something must be done! (for more details visit the BoomTown Website.)



Date:  August 8-11

Location:  Matterly Estate, Winchester

Ticket Price:                           

Tier 1 - £85 – SOLD OUT

Tier 2 - £97 – SOLD OUT

Tier 3 - £109 – SOLD OUT

Tier 4 - £124

Tier 5 - £139

Teen 13 -17 Years inclusive £85

6-12  Years Inclusive - £20

Under 6 Free

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