GIANT and brightly coloured sunbirds swooped down on to Rhyl High Street on bank holiday Monday.

Scores of visitors were treated to the sights and sounds of the sea during the town’s newest event – titled Seafest. As well as the birds, there was also the “slowest ride on earth” – a boat ride, termed the Lifeboat, which turns in very slow circles.

The day also featured Rhyl’s RNLI’s lifeboats, live music and face painting.

The slowest fairground ride in the world is the perfect place for a baby to "nod off", as demonstrated by little one-year-old Rico Sabina Palmer in the hammock ride on Rhyl Promenade on Bank Holiday Monday. Photo: Phil Micheu

A spokesperson for the event said: “The town’s events’ arena and High Street came together to celebrate Rhyl’s seaside history. Giant sun birds, Rhyl RNLI, a boat-themed ride, and more took centre stage as part of a day-long event.”

Seafest was Rhyl Town Council’s second event of the season.

Also in attendance was artist Ryan Hall, jester and magician Steve Ashcroft and Rhyl Sea Cadets. Ghostbuskers Community Choir performed.

Councillor Alan James, new mayor of Rhyl, said: “Seafest brought something new and vibrant to Rhyl. As a seaside town, it was great to be able to celebrate our location, work with organisations such as Rhyl RNLI, and nod to our maritime history.

“Rhyl Sea Cadets were on hand to talk about HMS Rhyl – the British Royal Navy boat which was commissioned in 1960 and served in the Far East, Mediterranean and East Africa – and we were joined by other talented, local artists and organisations.

“The boat ride, called the Lifeboat and said to be the slowest ride on earth – offered a different twist to the event and it was great fun to see people climbing on board the hammocks and taking a gentle spin.”

History is to play a part in the town council’s event line-up this year. The next event will see the high street transformed into Beatles Street on Saturday, July 15.